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"Always treat your customers right"
"The person giving you money is your customer".
Since Amazing Story charges its users, you are the ones we need to treat right.


Amazing Story requests your email address. This is used to log you in. We will not share or sell your information to a 3rd party outside of Amazing Story. You may get an email if your subscription has expired. This will be limited to 2 reminders. Your email address will be used if you reset your own password.

All content you upload to Amazing Story remains your ownership. If a story is shared with friends then the story cannot be deleted.

Login information is stored within the application and transferred to the website. This is done to make access quicker, so Amazing Story does not have to request a login on each sync and social view.

Do not upload illegal content using Amazing Story.

Amazing Story claims no rights of ownership over your content. It is not responsible for the content uploaded. That being said our servers are on Canadian and US soil, and Amazing Story conforms to its laws and practises.