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About Amazing Story, & how we share.

Something isn't right. Is our only option in this amazing new connected world to share our most treasured and important moments by given them away for free, so they can be data mined and processed, to be sold to advertisers? Our sharing tools also seem to get worse over time, focusing more on ads and less on us.

It simply doesn't feel right. We should be able to create and share the memories and stories as we always have. Using crafted tools focused on sharing without being surrounded by ads, tools that let us reflect on our story a bit, hone it here and there. Then we should decide if we just want to keep it for ourselves, maybe share it with a few select friends, get their contribution, or then decide share it with the world on Facebook or Twitter.

So we built Amazing Story. We built it over a good length of time, with no borrowed or outside money.

Lets see if this concept of a traditional 'do what is right for the customer and charge a fair price' crazy idea works. I am Jot Kali, came up with the concept and coded it; my partner is Stephen Schmidt, who designed Amazing Story.

Jot Kali @jotkali wirus.com | Stephen Schmidt duuplex.com