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Use Amazing Story to create memories that
matter. Take photos, record sound, mark
location, and write about the experience.
Start Private. Then Decide Where to Share.

Sample Amazing Stories

  • Paris Chocolate Meandering

  • 2 friends
  • Vancouver Ramen

  • 2 friends
Amazing Story is a different way of thinking about Social. Create your Stories privately.
From this secure place then decide where to share. App is Free to try. $12 a year unlimited Stories.
Free for invited friends contributing or viewing the Story. No ads, no data mining, no friend spamming.
Private : All Stories Start Off Private
Start your own story and keep it private. It's a great way to securely and privately collect what is important to you. Keep it private, or nurture it slowly and decide when to share.
Invited: Invite Select Friends to Contribute
Invite friends with email. With an Invited Story, friends can all contribute to a story for free. Your own contributions are kept in one section of Amazing Story, and the intertwined story with everyone's contributions are in the Social section.
Share via Email
Share the entire Story to select friends. Friends can view the Story on the web. This option lets you easily share the Story with only those you select. There is no need for your friends to sign up to a social network either. Your friends, using your email, are emailed a link which with they can view the Story on a private area of the web.
Share on Facebook
Share the Story with friends on Facebook. A nice post is made with a picture from the Story, your friends can click on the link and see the story nicely presented on the web (which is not indexed for search engines).
Share on Twitter
Share via Twitter. Anyone following you on Twitter can click a link, and view the Story nicely presented on the web.
Amazing Story. Decide Where to Share.